Sometimes we get discouraged when we don't feel like we're having mountaintop experiences with God. BFP Vice President Cheryl Hauer explains how God encouraged Elijah by telling him that just as God had given Moses everything he needed to fulfill his calling, God would do the same for Elijah.

King Saul learned the crucial lesson that obedience is better than sacrifice. Terry Mason, Director of International Development, discusses how the story of the widow's oil teaches us that the extent to which we are willing to fulfill God's commandments determines the extent to which He can pour out His blessing over us.

The Hebrew prophets made it clear that we-the nations of the world-would play an important role in bringing the Jewish people back to the land of their promise. Michael Freund, Founder of Shavei Israel, explains how Bridges for Peace helps fulfill prophecy, as the Bnei Menashe-part of the ten lost tribes-comes home to Israel.

Dr. Tom Brimmer explains how righteous king Hezekiah used the 15 extra years of life God gave him to prepare the city of Jerusalem against the attack of the kings of Assyria. When the attack did come, Hezekiah waited on God's presence to rescue him and drive the enemy out.