As we dive into the book of Isaiah, International President and CEO Rebecca J. Brimmer shows how God desires His people to do good by taking care of those in our society who are weak, oppressed and unable to care for themselves.
Bridges for Peace Vice President Cheryl Hauer explains the role that the prophet Isaiah played in his day as a bringer of consolation from God to His people and discusses how we can see his prophecies coming to life today.
Bridges for Peace Vice President Cheryl Hauer explains how walking in humility puts us on the path to the passionate, authentic and intimate relationship with God we desire.
Licensed Israeli tour guide Tom Brimmer walks us through the shuk in Jerusalem to demonstrate the fulfillment of God's prophecy of Israel's fruitfulness given in Isaiah 27.
Bridges for Peace vice president Cheryl Hauer explains the comfort that God provided through Isaiah and his words of admonition as well as the importance of hearing God's Word, taking hold of it and obeying it.
Marketing and Communications Director Nathan Williams explores the privilege of seeing prophecy come to pass before our eyes as the Jewish people are returning to their homeland, and explains how we as Christians have an active role to play in bringing God's promises to fulfillment.
Bridges for Peace CEO and International President Rebecca J. Brimmer visits a potter's studio in Okinawa, Japan, and invites us to submit to our Master Potter so that He can shape us into the perfect vessel for His plans and purposes.
Licensed tour guide Tom Brimmer discusses how the nation of Israel went from being a dream to a reality-in just one day-as the prophet Isaiah pondered thousands of years ago.